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Friday, February 6, 2009


So I go to the doctor this morning for just a check up, nothing special, routine, get blood work done, yadda yadda yadda. And I mention that my foot has been bothering me at night or if I walk too much on it. I was not even going to say anything but I had pretty much convinced myself I had gout. Which was totally freaking me out because I may have to give up rich foods, and I do have a love of butter, and I was afraid it was going to blow up and look like a fake foot or something. So i casually mentioned it, and he casually poked it, and I casually pulled myself off the ceiling, and he says he thought it may be a bone spur. Now that even sounds more like an old person than gout, and I did not want to have that, so off to X-ray. I get home and Angel and I go to the mall (okay we bought some stuff for the wedding and I almost cried a little, thinking that with bone spurs and all I may not live to see it, and I got all emotional and could only be calmed down with a mall Stromboli - which I am free to eat now, because it is not gout)
We are not home long when the office calls, and the nurse is a little freaked out herself, because well, my heel is fractured and I have to get to either the emergency room or the podiatrist ASAP. So I call the foot guy and he is all freaked out as he is getting my records over the fax as I am talking to him, and wants to know if I need pain meds. Which I really do not need, because I have been walking around like this since Thanksgiving!! what is two more days. So I am going in Monday to have this problem resolved. And now that I know it is fractured, it hurts like hell. I have been gone all day and have not had to deal with Fat Cat, because he makes me so angry my broken foot hurts even more!!!!!!!


A Musing Mom said...

Yikes!!!!! You must have a high tolerance for pain! What do they do for a fractured heel anyway?!

The Immortal Woman said...

I knew there was something wrong, but no clue it was fractured, after the x-ray they all freaked out because usually a person does not walk around on a fracture in one of the hardest bones in your body. But I have went this long, so I am off on Monday now to get it fixed what ever that takes! No painpills needed although now that I know it is broke, I am in a little more pain that I thought!