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Saturday, February 14, 2009

I have Made Myself Sick

I am actually throwing up a little. Fat Cat is desperately trying to make today special and while he slept until 1 and I did like a lot lot lot of laundry which i guess is pretty special. Then I made Angel and I chicken sandwiches with sliced fresh avacado which was special. To make the day special Fat Cat had bought tickets to a movie at 3:00, so I woke him up - Movie was my pick, okay I like action movies. I know I am not very girlish but I like movies with mega action and mega killing and mega mystery and suspense. So I picked Taken, and he had tickets ahead of time and we get the movies a little early, the ride there was not very comfortable, because the whole time I am thinking about how irritated I am at him still, and he is trying to make conversation. So he wants to buy me popcorn and that of course will surely make it all better, and he gets the 'deal' which is like a bucket of corn, bigger than the Colonel and his bucket of chicken, and two giant drinks that require special straws the size of like down spouts and I feel like a little kid because my hands barely can hold it. I continue to eat it all through the movie, which was great, and I only yelled out loud once, (which is pretty good for me, because I get all into it and yell at the screen sometimes, ok, all the time) and before I know it I have eaten almost all of it, and feel as if I may just completely wet myself because of the amount of soda I have just consumed. and I am all greasy because of the butter. When the movie ends I cannot get out fast enough because I may pee right there, and I thank heavens that I did not pick a comedy. Happy freaking valentines day, I could not even go to dinner

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Anonymous said...

Excellent movie...we saw it when it first came out..david was not as impressed as me...he said the he found the bad guys too easily...I though it was different than most movies...