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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Someone is Spinning out of Control

Fat Cat is spinning out of control, Soldier and his family will be here in 2 weeks! He has created so many projects for himself he is completely overwhelmed and paralyzed. He has pretty much freaked the %$^&# out and in doing so, took his meds twice yesterday.

Fat Cat: You people have got to start answering the phone!!! I missed ^%%%^&**$ four phone calls from Soldier yesterday! I finally get some sleep and you people let the whole $%^%^& house fall apart!

Angel (to herself) Ok, Rip Van Winkle, life is a little confusing when you go to bed on Tuesday and you wake up on Thursday.

Fat Cat: I have not had a good nights rest in 2 years while he has been at war. And he tries to talk to me and no one will answer the $%%^&% phone when it rings.

Angel (to herself) Unlikely that soldier called 4 times, although just coming from a war zone for a year and half, I am sure he has nothing to do but call people repeatedly during the day.

Fat Cat: And the hot tub guy left messages and I can’t get those either!

Angel (to herself) His number is not on the caller ID from yesterday, the day you slept most of , maybe it is on your voice mail, oh wait, you cannot access your voice mail because no one can remember the password.

Fat Cat: I need to call the hot tub guy today, and Soldier. I have to call HIM back. I do not know why you people will not help me. You have not answered the phone in 4 years. My son is just back from the war and trying to get in touch with me, and I ….

Angel: (aloud) here is the phone, it is ringing.

Fat Cat: I do not even know the hot tub guy, it is Tanks friend you know him, you should be the one calling him…

Phone: (a woman’s voice) Hello

FC: Can I speak with Dave please?

Phone: Who?

FC: Dave, the hot tub guy. He left me a message yesterday.

Phone: You want Dave???

FC: Yeah, is he there? Can I talk to him?

FC: (to himself) Dave has a real winner of a wife there, my God!

Phone: (a man’s voice) Hello?

FC: Dave?

Phone: No

FC: Aren’t you the guy who fixes hot tubs?

Phone: No

FC: Sorry, I must have the wrong number, Dude, I am looking for Dave

Phone: Dad, it’s me, Soldier. Your son, the one in Army.

FC: Oh, did not recognize the voice there, I was looking for the hot tub repair guy

Phone: I could maybe help you out if you had some terrorist attacking, but hot tubs... not so much.

FC: I’m so sorry, Angel dialed the wrong number, she doesn’t listen sometimes, and damn, I just did not recognize your voice

Angel (to herself): Umm, I think you asked for Soldier’s number, not Dave’s.

Phone: And you did not recognize my mother’s voice either.

FC: F*&^*&^, was that your mother? Nope did not get that one either.

FC: (to himself in regards to the ex-wife, abandoner of children) I hate that c*&^#$%^&!

Angel: (in text to Tank) do you have Dave, the hot tub guy’s, number?

Tank (in text back) yeah, but I think it is on the message he left yesterday.

Angel: (text) think-----think----think-----

Tank (text) oh, they can’t get those messages, can they?

Angel: (text) and there you go

Tank: I’ll get it.

FC: Angel, good job, I was starting to loose it and you knew talking to Soldier would calm me down, you were right, talking to the Hot tub guy when I am all upset would not have been good. Could have done with that ^&&^&^(*$%%^& ex-wife moment, but got a laugh out of Soldier. We better get started on some stuff around here, not much time before they are coming up for visit. If I could remember this password, I am going to call this #$%$%^& guy and set him over here ……

Angel: I’m going to the mall.

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