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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good News!

I do not want to get too excited, but yesterday I was offered a new position in my company. It is pretty heavy, and of course, financially it will be a completely lateral move (I swear, if I were to be offered a partnership it would still be financially a lateral move!). But at this point I just do not care, I have to move, I have to have something new and exciting and away from my micro manager boss. Anyone that works for what could be my new boss, have only good things to say, I just have not heard anything bad. Employees will talk you know. I told her she would have to get this cleared through my boss and she called her right after I left. My boss was on the phone, not happy, slammed it down and left for an hour lunch. Later she told me that she knew I had been interviewed for the position. So while they tell me I have the job and she tells me I am one of those being interviewed, I am afraid to get too happy. She is not one to make anything easy, especially when she can make it really hideously bad.

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