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Friday, July 4, 2008

And Then They Were Cursed with Plagues

The first plague to hit were boils (Note, these appeared in the arm pit of Sashquash, which is just pretty much a joke all by itself), here are the comments regarding said boils--

1. It is just a pimple, let me squeeze it and get over it , you girl (said by Angel, before she actually saw them)
2. HOLY ALIEN POD, BATMAN (said by Angel after seeing the two really large boils)
3. Mom, if you had a cancer tumor would you be able to see it? (By Angel to me, later that night)
4. My God! You have testicles growing in your pit, Dude! (Said by Tank, as they are about that large and hair covered, this comment was accompanied by a grimace so hidious I thought I may have seen them myself )
5. Okay, two boils walk into a bar (angel - right before she fell down laughing)
6. Indiana sashquash and the pimple of Doom- (Fat Cat - also laughing)
7. Great Banister - (said by Sashquash as he realized it was the perfect height to lean his arm against, keeping it off his second set of testicles)
8. Get your balls out of your armpit, put them in your pants, and make a decision (Angel, I am not sure what the situation was but the comment was great and I am going to use it from now on when some man is being retarded.)
9. OOOH, the boil is popping, I may not be back for awhile (Angel as she raced out the house to assist in what ended up to be lancing)
10. what up, Boil Boy! (me - said as if he were Flavor Flav, hand motions included!)
10. What, are you getting sick? Good, I am writing the jokes now, pay back is a BeeYatch! (Sashquash to all of us as we started getting colds!)

The next plague is Snakes!!!

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