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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Worst Lotion on the Planet, YUK

So for Christmas Butterfly really went overboard for me, and one of the many gifts were these wonderful Cashmere Lotions from Bath and Body. I had not tried them before and everyone said they were fantastic. I had not used them yet, and the other night while laying in bed i thought how nice it would be to have the lotion on my night stand so i could put it on my hands and feet when i don't have to get back up. The next day I put them on the stand. Determined to use them, one a cream and one a lotion. I forgot about them until last night when i went to bed and my neck was really dry and AAHHAA I just happen to have lotion. So i grab the tube of cream and i squirt a glob on my hand and rub it on my neck and winter dry hands and arms. It was really sticky and would not absorb in. And the smell was over powering. OMG. Nasty it was. Thick and sticky and clumpy. I tell you it was horrible. I decided right then in the morning I would throw out this lumpy sticky stinky stuff. I awoke and found my arms were still sticky. OMG. I put on my glasses and after gettting the nutty dogs plucked out of the morning snow drift. I came back up and grabbed the tube to pitch it, i looked at the lable as I walked to the trash. Cashmere SHOWER CREAM.

That is totally different - sleeping all slathered up in soap is not that great for the skin. I put the tube in the shower. I tried the actual lotion. it is really really nice. totally not sticky. What a freaking nut job.


April said...

Omg, as I was reading this, a little piece of me was dying inside as I thought to myself "how can she say such things about Bath and Body's Cashmire line because it like totally rocks". Then when you talked about throwing them in the trash I was ready to invent time-travel on the spot to teleport up there and rescue those poor things from their untimely demise.

However, in the end everything made sense. It would totally suck to sleep, lathered up in shower gel all night. But hey, just tell everyone you like to prewash. It could totally become the next "in" thing, especially with all the germaphobes in the world today. :-p

Immortal Woman said...

They do Totally Rock, when used in the manner you are supposed to use them!!!

Love ya, kiddo!