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Monday, February 22, 2010

Halloween - And the addiction continues

Fat cat is bored, never good--so he has once again allowed his addiction to control him. He has taken two of my Tupperware very expensive very nice bowls (I only have a few that I can actually find the lids) and about 32 feet of PVC pipe and paint and fibers to create.....

A really large (and by that I do mean bigger than a lawn tractor, but smaller than a mini van) nasty scary spider.

This thing is about 3 foot high and 4 foot across. It's eyes glow, it stands up on its own legs and he is trying to figure away to make it mobile. He is about to build a herd of them!!! Hide your Tupperware my friends!!

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Anonymous said...

He needs gift cards to craft stores, or maybe he needs to teach classes.