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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fat Cat's B-day

Cable Guy Jacket- means one of those flannel zip up coats with a hood

His mother gave him one for Xmas and one for his birthday, his response after peaking in the gift bag:

"I don;'t have to open it - it is one of those cable guy jackets. Like you gave me at Xmas, like you gave me the year before, just like the 6 in closet that still have tags, because I DO NOT WEAR CABLE GUY JACKETS!!!! I apparently collect them, but i have never worn them. Did you get a bunch of them for like $4 or something? We rescheduled my birthday party because you and my brother are leaving for Florida tomorrow together, he gets me nothing, and you get me another cable guy jacket, WTF? Why did we bother? And everyone wonders why i keep flipping out! I have to buy your husband $100 Xmas gift, and he cannot even come down two houses and wish me a happy birthday."

Of course they still stayed for dinner. They will be back next week, he will be over it by then. I hope.

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