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Monday, February 15, 2010


Ok, so when we put the new floors in our house, we removed some of the unsitely cold air return grates and have not been able to find replacement ones. Which is appearantly a very difficult task. Fat Cat measured the one that is still on that looks like crap. 15 x 9. Excellent. But we have went to every freaking hardware do it yourself store in the greater Kracker Barrell area but we cannot find them. our house is not that old, but it seems that the new ones use a new measurement for the ductwork, so we are stuck. Fat Cat decised he is going to have to build some sort of frame for one that is a little smaller, so we go home and he takes off the nasty grate and we clean out the hole and he measures it. the opening is 14 x 8. Hmmm. could it be the grate that you buy is by the opening size and not the size of the old nasty grate? Why yes, yes it is. I could say nothing, I am still trying to the the soap cream off the sheets and pillows.

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