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Thursday, March 26, 2009

You're Fat, That will be $600 at the Desk

I have only been in a panic all week waiting for this exam, and I was spazzing so bad on the way there I gave Fat Cat the wrong directions, got lost and of course screamed at him for not helping me at all.
Get there - get my boob pressed like a crepe when I notice a spatula atop the machine. I cannot help myself and ask if they use that to smack the bad patients. They have no humor there. I still have no clue what the spatula was for, one of life's little mysteries. So I had to wait while they processed the latest of the films and called me back in.
Well, it seems that the 'mass' is watery fat. Thanks Doc, for pointing out that I have gained so much weight since I had this done, that my test from then and now were drastically different. Great. I have been freaked out all week, because well, I am fat.
Fat Cat is very amused. F^%^%&ing doctors.

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themom said...

I hate that those in the medical profession think nothing of scary the living hell out of people - with anticipation. So glad all is well.