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Monday, March 23, 2009

Back On My Feet, Fat Cat is on his Knees

While I was in my bed for the last few days trying to keep the reaper off of me, Fat Cat could not handle two little Pomeranians all on his own. Could not do it. He decided to get collars to curb their incessant barking. Which, i know does not sound very humane, but they will not stop barking and when laying with me in bed, they will not let anyone, ANYONE come near me. It was killing me and driving Fat Cat to the point of Kanin-iside. So he get the collars on the dogs. Now, what they do is emit a sound that is so high pitched only they can hear it when they bark. And it annoys them to the point that they quit barking after one or two barks. seems like a good idea, until the first couple of incidents when the sound that only dogs can hear, hits Fat Cat directly in his hearing aids and drives him to the floor in a blood curdling scream writhing about like a vampire hit by sunlight. So now instead of repeating barking from two dogs we have barks and screams. I am hoping it trains all of them to shut up and stop bothering me!!! It won't but it is very entertaining!

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themom said...

I know I shouldn't laugh....but I did!!!! Get well soon.