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Monday, March 2, 2009


Obsessed I am with finding actual vanilla beans this weekend. Not exactly as easy as you would think. I just get these ideas in my head and I freak out completely until I can put out the flaming idea. Well, now I am off and running on god dang vanilla beans and have traveled from Gourmet store to hippie central to whole food organic f-ing warehouse. Because I must have vanilla beans now I tell you , now. I found some but a little too natural as they had fur, and I am reasonably sure that vanilla beans do not have fur despite the swearing on a bible of one of the Manson family who was helping me find my way. I found some others at one gourmet Mecca but at $5 per, I decided to continue my search for the economical vanilla bean. While searching Fat Cat was not grasping the concept of my search.
“why don’t you just buy some in a jar or something?”
“Because I want to make a special extract.”
“Don’t you have some at home?”
“No, I’m out, I used the last that your brother brought me from his last cruise.”
“what does he do steal the packets of the tables?”
“what are you talking about?”
“Packets of vanilla from the tables on the ship.”
“Why would there be packets of vanilla on the table”
“Well, what else would he be stealing?”
“I do not think he steals the vanilla, he buys it for me, in Mexico.”
“ In little packets?”
“You don’t know that.”
No, I do not know that. But if there are packets of arsenic I am going to find them.

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