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Monday, June 9, 2008


What I hate about myself the very most is my complete need to ‘uber’ everything. I cannot do anything just simply, no I over-do, over-react, over-achieve, over-eat, blah blah blah. My husband is of course ‘uber’ also, but not exactly in the same direction. He has managed to find, after numerous appointments, a doctor who would actually find something wrong. Seems that he has carpal tunnel. In his defense he had spent 30 years at a job that did have repetitive motion and I am sure he may have damaged his carpals. (Personally I think it is from lighting 80 plus cigarettes a day, and I am absolutely sure it is not from folding laundry. And I will admit, I am a little jealous, my freaking hands pull up like claws after about 10 hours of work at the terminal, and I cannot take of 6 weeks for care) So he had surgery, and is now completely unable to do anything at all, and has had to change hands to light his cigarettes. But I am off the subject. Me. Me and my uber-self.

I have taken on a project that I am way under qualified to do. I have a dear friend (who I love, and if I did not love her so much, I would be jumping up and down on this project right now) that requested a favor. And since our relationship is hugely unbalanced, this woman has given me furniture, presents, lavish gifts and has even helped me clean my house! I have done precious little in return other than listen and make her laugh. She needed a dress for her son’s wedding, and found the PERFECT dress on line, and feel head over heels in love. But it is too short and a little tight in the caboose area. So she gets a larger size and it fits in the caboose perfectly, but is too large up top where she is not very large. Do you see where this is going? She has two dresses, the top of one fits perfect, the bottom of one fits perfect. A professional seamstress refuses to do it, because it is impossible to merge the two dresses. That is like throwing a challenge down in front of me, and when she asked. I agreed. So here we are two months later and I am still working on this. And the wrap I made from the unused half, and the clutch purse I made from the other unused part. Did I mention the dress is covered in bead work? I have taken the thing apart about 4 times. My goal is to have it completed Wednesday for her birthday. I also want to make her some of the chocoates I make that she loves, and maybe some chocolate covered Orea’s.

My God, stop me before I go completely overboard!!!!

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