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Thursday, June 12, 2008

All for the love of a grilled braut

Seems that ornate bead work is a fantastic back scratcher, if you are covered in fur (don’t tell my husband as he may want to try it) as the cat has well established the fact. So there is now white and black cat hair intertwined in the bead work of THE dress and I cannot bring myself to do anything about it. To the degree of frustration that I would rather scrub down all my cupboards with hot bleach and soap water in 90 degree temperatures (we have no air, it is the 1970’s here ) than sit and pick the fur off THE dress. My cupboards are wonderfully clean though. And just before I drag my butt to bed, my dear husband asks if I would get the wrap for his wrist cast. I asked why was it off, he responded that it was dirty. “Oh,” I said in my never ending hope that things are going to some day get better, “did you wash it out in the sink?”
“No, actually it is on the floor in the bedroom” he responded in his never ending resolve to never change. Upon seeing the obvious pain that washed over my face, he said, “ I guess I just thought if I did that it would get washed.” Sort of like his socks, which too are always on the floor. I actually had a vision of taking the wrap and putting it around and around and around his neck, pretty sure that a woman judge may just let me off. But instead I just walked away, and the wrap will stay on the floor until one of the dogs drags it off or it rots into dust. Had he not actually cooked dinner for me tonight and let me have the remote for the evening, he just may have had a long long sleep!

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