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Sunday, January 15, 2012

You Can't See Me

A recent event where my future daughter in law witnessed an armed robbery had made me reflect on actions. She responded and got out of the situation and called 911 and did everything correctly. In situations like that where you have the instant fear, you are supposed to react with either fight or flight. I am not really able to do that. In intense fear I freeze - like a deer in head lights - thinking somehow that if I do not move or blink, i am somehow invisible. That is my reaction to fear. Invisibility. while other become invincible. Looking deeper, i realize that is how i actually function in life in general. When situations become too intense, i just become invisible, to my friends, to my family. I do not know when this started for me, must have been in childhood, but after all these years i can see that is my habit, a defense of sorts. With this new found knowledge it is time for me to take off my cloak of invisibility and get out again.

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