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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sweet Chocolate Covered Jesus

Sweet chocolate covered Jesus

 I just heard this expression today, I do not know if it is some sort of Holy Ghost entity or if it is a racial slur. But I love it!

 I am going to invent a dessert and call it this, possibly for Easter, maybe with nutter butters and marshmallows, and call it sweet chocolate covered Jesus. (how do you get Jesus out of nutter butters and marshmallows? tell him "stop eating my junk food, I can still see you even if you are the Holy Ghost!"-- okay that was bad, i am sorry)

 Every time something bizarre has happened today, I say it to myself and laugh!

 “Sweet Chocolate Covered Jesus, this customer is angry!”

 “Sweet Chocolate Covered Jesus, I need something to drink!”

 “Sweet Chocolate Covered Jesus, I would rather blog than work!!”

 I love it, I may just create a Facebook page for it, I will include recipes === Sweet Chocolate Covered Jesus Angel food Cake Sweet Chocolate Covered Jesus Marshmallow clusters Sweet Chocolate Covered Jesus Communion Wafers

 Perhaps Facebook “Sweet Chocolate Covered Jesus ” will ‘friend’ Candy Coated Christ, Devil’s Food Cake, Deviled Eggs, and Holy Toast

. I do not think it is cussing, borderline blasphemy, perhaps, but definitely not cursing in the traditional sense. I may just patent this as my own – even though it is totally stolen

 “Sweet Chocolate Covered Jesus, I am just incredibly amused with myself!” Obviously I am completely loosing my mind.

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