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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Left of Legal

So The Sasquatch is at the gas station last night on his way home from work, he pays for the gas, which is always unsettling, and pumps it, then glances inside the car and sees his keys and phone laying on the seat. About the same time as he realizes the doors are locked.


He cannot call Angel, because his phone is trapped in the car, resting beside his keys. He cannot use a payphone because they no longer exist. He goes back inside, he explains the situation, which although is embarrassing, is probably not the worst thing a gas station attendant has ever heard, and reluctantly , and possibly only because he is large and someone intimidating, they allow him to use their phone. He calls his dear girlfriend.

She is shopping at the mall, her phone rings, she glances at the caller ID, does not recognize the number and drops the call to voice mail.

He realizes she has just put him to voice mail, and tries to leave a message that expresses the urgency, but since he is standing in a crowded gas station, does not involve screaming and cursing.

She continues to shop.

He also realizes he cannot call anyone else because he does not have any other numbers in his head, only in the phone memory, which again is in the locked car.

She gets this felling that since that odd number left a message, that maybe she should listen.

Panic ensues.

She calls Fat Cat –who snags a wire hanger (thank god we still use them, “No more wire hangers” is not something we have ever said) from the closet, grabs the wire cutters from the kitchen table (where I was using them to make flower arrangements- another story). And bolts out the door to his white horse to save the day (okay not a white horse, but a bashed up 2004 minivan, that could be mistaken for a salvage vehicle)

Sasquatch is still awaiting – no clue if Angel got the message, no clue who else to call because no one else would be home nor close.

Angel is racing home to get the other set of keys, because she has no faith that a coat hanger can open a car door.

Fat Cat arrives, hops out, wiggles in the coat hanger, and pops open the door.

Sometimes it makes me a little nervous that his talents are slightly left usable in the law abiding world, but none the less, he did manage to be very efficient.

Then they took us out for chicken. Perfect!

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