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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My control freak is showing, sorry

Yesterday was Fat Cat’s birthday. We had planned to have dinner on Sunday, with all the kids, but his mother decided we should all go out to dinner, and she decided that his brother would pay. Nice. I hate to sound ungrateful, but I think that it is a lot to continually ask someone else to pay and to organize something when I already have plans set up. Ugh. My control freak is showing, sorry I need to adjust it. But let me tell you that some days I spend hours dealing with rather dim-witted-slow-thinking-island-dwelling-Englishmen, and my frustration often carries over to my home life. Yesterday I told my husband, ‘call the license bureau and find out when they are open so that I can get your plates and your drivers license when I get off work” so he called and said 6:00. So I go home, beep for him, he comes out and we drive to the license bureau and they are closed. Ugh. Rather than just make the call, he guessed. Instead of paying the bills I should just ‘guess’ how much I owe, I am sure that will work out famously.

So we go home and I am then informed about the dinner plans, which torques me a good one, and after I watch TV whilst Fat Cat proclaims how terrible it is to be old and how terribly unhappy he is. (note, angel put some coffee creamers, those fancy flavor ones, in the fridge with a bow, so he has already had a gift, and he got calls from his other 2 daughters) after about 16 phone calls between him and his mother, and one session of vomiting by him, after one of the calls, he decides it is time to leave and we go out the door and I step on of the railroad ties that was covered by about a foot of snow and as I found out momentarily, about another foot of solid ice. I hit the snow with my foot, the ice with my well padded behind, and the railroad tie with my spine. There was rolling about some screaming and crying, (mainly by Fat cat because I am screwing up his birthday dinner) and some by me once I regained my breath and realized I was not completely paralyzed. Ugh.

We are of course the last ones to arrive, which we knew because everyone had called us all the way there, to see where we were at. God bless the cell phone. It is a shame no one can use it to help me just see why I am holding them up, excuse me , I have to crawl my 50+ year old ass out of the snow pile before I answer it thank you. Ugh.

Did I mention that my brother in law just got back from the cruise? Had to hear about that all during dinner – I may just throw up myself.

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