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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Car, The Man

I have yet another theory--

I think cars really do represent the men that choose them, this does not work for women, who see cars as big purses usually, but for men, it is the window to their souls.

For example-- my husband drives a mini van, despite the fact that are children are grown with kids of their own, he does not care, he wants people to see he is a man with a family, a man that has to drive his family around, the caretaker, the father, the husband, that is what he is- despite his best effort to be the 'cool' guy.

my son, drives a jeep with one billion miles. He will not give up on it, he made the decision to buy it, he loves it - he will not abandon it, it is rugged and dependable, as he is, and he babies it - no matter the faults it is his and he loves it. He is that way about his things, he loves them forever, when he finally settles down, he will never give up on his marriage- no matter what -no matter how frustrated and angry, he is loyal to the end. He is this way with me, no matter what drama I have drug him through, no matter how my behavior has often caused him pain, his love for me never wavers.

my future son in law, now he has two vehicles, because he has two sides, in reality he is shy and reserved on the surface but a big man, and solid and strong, but underneath and once you know him, his is smart and hilarious with a sly smile that leads me to see a glimpse of a mischievous playful heart.. His vehicles are that - first the big SUV, it is big and strong and can handle anything, with the accessories to help others, it is him, and i feel as safe in that beast as I am with my daughter in his arms. Then there is his toy, his show car, his fun side, showy, shiny and full of pep and loud and eye catching. He cherishes it, as he will his family, his destiny is to be proud of his shiny stunning family. I cannot wait to see what he will do for them!

Then there is my oldest son, who trades vehicles and styles of vehicles so frequently that it shows he cannot settle down, he does not know what he wants, he does not know who he is.

While soldier, he has allowed his wife to choose for him, and that my friends is truly the complete reflection of him.

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