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Monday, July 12, 2010

In Case You thought My Life has Suddenly Turned Calm

The Tall Ships (pirate like sale boats) were on the Lake for viewing / touring, something I have always wanted to do, and finally got Fat Cat in the spirit, although reluctant. But stepped onto the porch to leave when we realized we had locked ourselves out of the house first off. My already grumpy (raise your hand if at all surprised) husband had to break into our own house to get the keys to the van. (note - a dog escaped without us knowing it, and Angel came home hour later, to a scared little dog running up the street. We managed to get to Cleveland fairly without drama but could not find our way out of the parking deck (raise your other hand if at all surprised) Whilst roaming through the underground layers of cars, I begged (okay, bitched at) my husband to go back for the umbrellas, he thought me silly and finally relented but only grabbed my little fold out not the giant golf umbrella we also brought. We popped out onto the street and we were about 100 years from the van and the sky opened up and drenched us. And of course, Fat Cat had to take out his hearing aids so we really could not talk, without shouting, so that was frustrating. Then I got yelled at for trying to get on a boat that was not on the tour,(in the line of ships, looked like the other ships, had a table in front of it, and flags all over it, but apparently that was my own stupidity not a glaring problem or anything) And of course Fat Cat kept calling the woman an A^&^&%^& every time we saw her. Fat Cat had some kid in line behind him that kept splashing him with the muddy dock water, and touching his butt (Yes, Fat Cats butt - very very odd). My glasses were so messed up from all the rain, that I could not see and Fat Cat could not hear but we were there about 3 hours, toured all the ships I felt like touring. Then were nearly mugged (the guy was obviously following us and getting closer as we approached the deck) on the way to our car, fortunately my husband was so flaming angry by this point that before we got to the parking deck he whipped around and confronted the sleaze ball, who abandoned the mugging, and scampered off. I loved the ships , the rest of the day – not so much. But as you can tell things are all the same here.

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