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Friday, April 16, 2010

Sorry for the Lack of Posts

Sorry, but I have been trying to eat healthy and diet, which appearantly i cannot do whilst posting, watching TV or cleaning. Seems I can only diet while at work or sleeping. and it makes me a little tense, not quiting smoking tense, but I will smack your face if you ask me to get you anything to eat or if you mention chocalote at all or if i just feel like it. Not very nice behavior for a Memaw.


Anonymous said...

WHAT, No cake/snack making at midnight?


April said...

Ok seriously, bring back the chocolate!! It's withdraw has rendered you speechless for far too long now! Either that or get a facebook page. I miss you!!

uniqueygirl said...

I agree! Facebook!! then we could really keep up with each other easier!! By the way, who has chocolate???