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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nasty Brat Kid

So my eyes keep swelling up and they hurt and are flaming beet red. The first time it happened was after spending a weekend baking cookies with my mother in law. So it could have been
a) I have developed an allergy to some cooking product
b) I rubbed my eyes with brutal substances like powdered sugar or peanut butter after bursting in tears from exhaustion.
c) it is stress related.
I went with c and moved on. Then after spending 12 hours in a car with my husband on our way to Missouri my eyes swelled up again, like I had been beaten. It was either
a) I have developed an allergy to my new Mary Kay make up
b) I rubbed my eyes with hand sanitizer or gasoline after bursting into tears from frustration
c) it is stress related.
After throwing away about $60 worth of make up because everyone else thinks it is ‘a’ I am positive it is ‘c’ and moved on. Then I awoke yesterday after returning to work from the holidays to even worse swollen eyes and pain. It could have been
a) I have redeveloped an allergy to something that will required decades of testing and medication
b) I may have rubbed diet Pepsi or dust in my eyes when crying because I had to go back to work after 10 days off, my husband was already complaining he was bored, my ex-sister in law is in the hospital with a liver issue, and the bills are arriving!!!
C) it is stress related.
I call the doctor once I get to work and get an appointment at lunch time. I race home and have my husband drive me because I have only slits to see through and I am very upset, and of course, I am disrupting his day. The doctor takes one look at them, and explains that I have extremely dry skin around my eyes that is that is cracking and flaking and turning into eczema because I am making it worse my rubbing them, scrubbing them, and stripping the make off with toxic chemicals. He informs me that he sees this a lot in young children because they cannot stop touching their eyes with their hands. Nice. So I take my dirty kindergartener self to the pharmacy get my steroid cream and extra moisturizer and go back to work. Great. It has been a long time since someone called me a filthy little kid, I guess I should be thankful.

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Anonymous said...

If I am not mistaken didnt you also have pink eye as an adult:). Hope things start looking up.