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Thursday, January 21, 2010


All of life's lessons are learned at the Cheese:

1. the more money you have the more fun you 'appear to have' but we all leave with nothing

2. Even the worst boring food with laughter as an appetizer, is well worth the trip.

3. spend what you have wisely because there may not be more available and your choice may seem ridiculous after it is spent

4. it is always better to run and laugh with a friend

5. when you are losing or just upset it is your parents who are always there for you

6. just keeping up is exhausting (Whack a mole)

7. anything that looks easy probably isn't (skeet ball)

8. surprise are not always pleasant and warm like you would like (the ball pit)

9. things are crowded, keep an eye out for the people who love you

and the most important lesson

10. Giant Mice are Scary

I have not been recently but another blogger reminded me of the sheer joy

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