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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Use Your Uterus

My call at lunch today--

"I cannot find my #$%^&;^(* teeth! I am probably going to have to go to the doctor's without them. (*^&(*&;(%^("

"Did you have them this morning?"

"Yes, that is the *&!!;^*&$#%%^;^ aggravating part because I had them in my hand to go clean them and now they are gone. They are here somewhere. Unless the (*&!!!;(* dogs got them, then I am &!$$#*."

"When you went to clean them what do you do?"

"I went upstairs and I noticed that one of the (*& (*&; fish was dead. I do not know what I did that is causing these fish to just drop dead. I clean the tanks; I balance the water, then all the sudden dead fish. I think the other (*&a ;*(&a ; fish are killing them1"

"Go up by the fish tanks"

"Okay, but I really need to find my teeth. I have to leave here in about 10 minutes and I need my &a ;^^&; teeth. I sure hope that I did not throw them away or something, I'm gonna dump out the trash in the bathroom, and maybe the one by the fish tanks. &a ;%*&a ;^(*"

"Don’t dump the ...."

"I found my ^&** teeth, they were right her on the table by the tanks, &**&%* I have to go"

"What about the trash?"

"I will get it later, I got to clean these and get out of here."

"Hey, why did you call?"

"Well, normally you find everything, you told me that the uterus is like a homing device, and mine was not working."


"Thanks, but I did not even need you, I found them"

"Your uterus must have kicked in"

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