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Sunday, March 28, 2010

All Things Creepy

You know in scary movies where the girls turn their backs and suddenly the men are gone? You know how you think, 'how ridiculous is that, so unreal?' Well let me tell you that when you are in a giant closed down prison build in the 1800's at night, with only flashlights and you and the person who has known you longer than pretty much everyone on the planet and you turn around and you are the only two people, it happens! All i could say was if we had been wearing nities or bikinis an ax murderer would have suddenly apeared! I wore granny panties to make sure they were kept at bay.

I paid for this joy, for Fat Cat to have a birthday present of ghost hunting (like those TV shoes) so i found a woman who does it, booked me, fat cat, tank, bo peep and Butterfly for an evening (until 2 am!) ghost hunt in Mansfield Reformatory (they filmed the Sawshank Redemption there!)
Freakishly scary and haunted and such an eternally sad place, it wraps you up in fear and sends your heart racing.

Nothing like putting your selves in the midst of a panick on a bone chilling evening, armed only with flashlights and recording devices, to bring you all together! I loved it, absolutely loved it! Got my palm read, too.

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Anonymous said...

I have been meaning to email you and ask about this. I take it, that it went well. I cant wait to hear all the gory details.