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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Real Housewives of Hot-lanta!

Okay, they had me at the OC but it has defiantly kicked up with this season to the point I have decided to start recording them. OMG it is like a train wreck and I cannot help myself, could I be any more of a nut? No no I cannot. And their stupid songs are stuck in my head to the point I am singing them around the house and doing the 'fly above them' motions too. Nothing I tell you more attractive than a 50 year old woman singing and dancing to urban pop. Not even the dogs are entertained but I cannot stop myself.

And as a side note to my complete depravity I am going completely nuts trying to get all the words and tune of the Schnitzelbank song. Yes it is a real song my German teacher made us sing, and I used to sing it to my children just to make them laugh, which works because it is funny. And in German it is really funny. And Angel remembered it and well, if my baby girl wants to have a good memory of her childhood, by god I am going to dig up the song and sing it again!!! If I could just get that 'tardy for the party' song out of my head!!!! Damn those housewives!!!

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