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Friday, April 25, 2008

Friend Day!

Sometimes it is difficult to decide if life is passing me by or if it is running me over! But today was a day for me and somehow every friend just seemed to know it. I talked to one friend that I have not heard from in forever. It is like I did not even have to say I missed him, we just picked up as if time froze us in place and then the computer clicked the message through!
I had lunch with my friend that has endured my friendship the longest and every time I get one of her hugs, I know I can make it until the next. She has held my hand through every painful crash and burn in my life. She has held my hand a lot.
Then I bought 4 pairs of shoes, who are always my friends and will soon meet the dozens of other friends nestled together in my closet all paired up and pretty! I could not leave the mall without using my friend the coupon and treated myself to lotions a plenty and a tour through the cards in the Hallmark store. What a marvelously sweet place that is! Like a cliff notes Barnes and Nobles, little books of one sentence that I can poor through and feel refreshed by the written word.
I even had several of those momentary friends today. Unknown persons that were chatting casually in cheery tones and smiles. Then home to a ringing phone from my soldier, where I found he received 4 more days home! (Bless his wife and her drama, she alone got him these days, any day out of that hell is one more that is just amazingly wonderful!)
I ran to the grocery store and ran into a friend from work with some very good news that I cannot even type out loud for fear it may not be true. And then my bestest buddies, from high school, stopped by for the evening, to just be here, with me! They too have had to watch me suffer my choices during the bad years when laughing was rare. Now I want them to see me laugh, and make them laugh, so they know how much I love them.
My husband made me a marvelous dinner of scallops wrapped in bacon, which were just incredible. A few more calls from family (in laws actually, but just nice calls!) and emails from friends with encouragement and happy thoughts.
Made plans to take my oldest granddaughter to look for a prom dress tomorrow, which is so great! I thought after our last daughter had graduated I would never get to see fresh prom gowns again! I am thrilled to be asked, it is an honor to have your opinion on such a special item respected and wanted.
And as I type, my treasured grandson is sleeping on the couch next to me. I just want to stare at him and hold this moment in my memory forever, before he stops thinking it is cool to snuggle with me.
This has been a marvelous day. I have been completely surrounded by my friends, the people who love me. I am absolutely happy to the core today!
I am going to have an ice cream, with an actual cherry on top, and celebrate how extraordinary it is to have a friend day!!!!

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